We have access to other private collections, our team can locate this exclusive content for you in a timely manner to enhance your next project. Ask your licensing agent about our research services for your next project.


Once you decide which clips you want to license you will write down the unique name of the clip and when watching the clip you will write down the time codes for that clip you’re interested in, it’s use, if you already know and once you do that you will be able to submit that in your cart when checking out with your order and we will review it and have an accurate invoice response immediately for you or no longer than 6 hours. We have a 60-second minimum and some projects may be eligible for volume discounts or preferred rates, we will determine that based off of the content your licensing. We will accept official company checks, Bank ACH Transfers and wire transfers. Once all funds are cleared we can deliver your content to you in various formats from FTP, Overnight, etc.